• G "My experience collaborating with Cam was something I'll never forget. A professional through and through, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He had a clear vision but was so enthusiastic about any ideas I brought to the table.
  • Maria "Very professional, caring, kind and accommodating. The art speaks for itself, but the person behind it shines as much as what's on paper (or digital canvas!)."
  • A.M.

    "Working with Cameron was an amazing experience from beginning to end. His thoughtfulness and attention to every detail showed true professionalism. The finished product well exceeded any expectations. He's an incredibly talented artist and a wonderful person to know. I look forward to many more projects with him in the future." 

  • Mr. B

    "Working with Cammyjay was nothing short of wonderful, from initial contact to the finished product, all communication was smooth, what I wanted was done accurately, and there was very little delay from when I expressed my interest in a commission to when I was contacted. I would definitely recommend to others the great work that this artist is capable of."   

  • Autumn "Great guy producing amazing art! He was so nice when interacting with me, and provided art so cool that I want it to hang in my living room."
  • Hands

    "While I was browsing reddit one day quite some time ago, A post showed up that at first glance appeared to be someones random crayon drawing. I said to myself " Why is this on here?" so I opened it and was I shocked! Crayon drawing my ass, I had stumbled across someone who had an amazing talent to draw anything that was presented to him! His vintage Sports Illustrated series was over the top as far as artistic talent went in my opinion. This man has an artistic touch and flair that I have come to admire and follow each and everything that he posts! He has worked with many of people here on reddit, and all were amazed and pleased with his ability to capture the details and nuances of anything that they challenged him with! If someone is looking for a true professional to do a drawing for them then I would strongly suggest u/suralya. You will not be disappointed with the results."   

  • AG

    "Very professional, caring, kind and accommodating. The art speaks by itself, but the person behind it shines as much as what's on paper (or digital canvas!)"   

  • Jay McIntyre

    “No other artist has ever been so receptive to feedback as Cameron.  Other artists--the better ones--will ask for feedback once, at most twice, during the commission stage.  Only Cameron has ever come back to me for every phase of the project.  And no other artist has been as receptive to bringing my vision to life as Cameron.  Also, Cameron asked for info on background details--something no other artist has ever done. 

    Cam is also great in terms of seeking out reference material, not just from me, but independently.  We've been online together for some time, discussing this option and that option; this and that reference.  It's a great creative synergy you simply don't get anywhere else. 

    You can also see from Cameron's own personal work that he likes to use photo reference and pays lots of attention to anatomy.  I don't want to say "classically trained" because he's self taught, but his style reflects the classical training philosophy. 


  • "I have commissioned work from many artists and never gotten the quality, service, and care that I've gotten from CammyJay. He contacted me frequently about the piece I wanted, asked questions and talked at lengths about it. He wanted to make sure to get everything correct and that's exactly what he did. I'm very pleased with the work he has done and he always working hard to learn and advance his methods. I thank him very much for all the updates and keeping me in the loop. I've commissioned people before and either had delay after delay or I would get a speedy job that wasn't worth the money paid. Trust me, his work is worth it. He is passionate about his work, it's not all dollars and cents, its the work itself that's the pleasure. And that is reflected in his works. Thank you again!"    

  • Lily

    "From start to finish, working with Cam has been a great experience. When my first set of reference photos didn’t quite meet his expectations for the project, he took the time to give me detailed explanations as to what was “missing” from each and exactly what he was looking for. I took some more photos and this second set received his praise and excitement, which got me even more excited to see the finished product. 

    I opted not to know which photo he’d decided to use nor to see any of his progress as I wanted to be surprised by the completed work. I was not disappointed. He managed to capture the light and shadows so beautifully as well as the lines of my form. The colours are eye catching, and the depth and warmth of the image continues to draw me in. 

    Absolutely loving this piece and looking forward to working with Cam again!"